Welcome to the Hellenic American National Council

 HANC is the coordinative umbrella organization of Hellenes and Philhellenes in the United States. Established by homogeny in 1992, we are organized:

  • To honor, protect and preserve the democratic Hellenic and American ideals.
  • To encourage, protect and promote the Hellenic culture and language.
  • To promote the Hellenic culture to all people in the United States through the educational process, included but not limited to activities such as public discussion       groups, forums, lectures, panels, newsletters, and other similar programs.
  • To protect and preserve Hellenic human rights internationally.
  • To protect the truth of Hellenic history and its principal ideals.
  • To promote friendship and better understanding of Hellenism to foster a better. understanding and respect for the constitutional government of the United States and Hellas.

A new sense of Philhellenism rises in our times. With unity and vision we can make the Hellenic system of values, the dominant ideology in Humanity. We believe that the humanistic ideology of Hellenism is the only one which can lead to a universal renaissance.

Paul Kotrotsios

Hellenic American National Council